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Festiva Hatch Decal Sticker

Festiva Hatch Decal Sticker

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Replace your old, worn out hatch decal sticker with a new one from StivaStickers!

These are high quality OEM-Grade decals made directly from a brand-new original decal, printed with the same 3 color process onto clear vinyl. 

FREE SHIPPING if you order contains only stickers! 

***minimum application temperature is 46°F***

Select what trim level best matches your car and what color you want. These are the only combinations we are currently creating as they are the original options set by Ford. 

Pick Yellow for Red, White, Light Blue, Caymen or Silver cars.

Pick Red for White, Dark Blue or Yellow cars.

We can't stop you from going against this list...or from buying enough to sticker bomb your laptop and water bottle! 

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